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Pokémon GO – The Best Master League Classic Team (June and July 2021)

No XL Candy allowed.

by Dean James


Pokemon GO’s Season 8 is still ongoing for its battle league, which has been rotating between different leagues every couple weeks. Following up on the Ultra League that has been around for the last two weeks are three different options. Due to more recent changes to the existing Master League, Niantic felt some players would still want to experience Master League as it once was and that is why Master League Classic was created before and is back yet again.

The Best Master League Classic Team (June and July 2021)

For anyone that has been out of the Pokémon GO PvP game for awhile, Master League Classic is actually going to be just as you remember Master League in the past. That is because of the introduction of what are known as XL Candy more recently have completely shifted how Master League works. That is because before Pokémon could only be level 40 like trainers, but now with the extension to level 50, Pokémon can also be leveled up higher as well with the XL Candy.

For those that do not know what Master League is in any form, this does not restrict you by CP on which Pokemon you use. This means you are not limited to 1500 or 2500 like with Great League and Ultra League respectively, but rather can be as big as possible. There is one major restriction though that makes this Master League Classic though.

Master League Classic bans the use of Pokémon that are beyond level 40 and have used XL candy. As a result, the list of Pokémon recommended to use change a bit, though there are definitely plenty of the same Pokémon across both too. That’s why we have compiled a list and broken them down into three tiers of which Pokemon are the best for Master League Classic in June and July 2021.

Master League Classic – Tier 1

Pokémon Type Fast Attack Charged Attack Resists against Weak to
Groudon Ground Mud Shot Earthquake and Fire Punch Electric, Rock, Poison Water, Grass, Ice
Melmetal Steel Thunder Shock Superpower and Rock Slide Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Normal, Grass, Ice, Fairy, Flying, Bug, Dragon Fire, Fighting, Ground
Lugia Psychic and Flying Dragon Tail Sky Attack and Aeroblast Psychic, Fighting, Ground, Grass Dark, Ghost, Electric, Ice, Rock
Yveltal Dark and Flying Snarl Dark Pulse and Focus Blast Psychic, Ground, Dark, Ghost, Grass Ice, Fairy, Electric, Rock

Master League Classic – Tier 2

Pokémon Type Fast Attack Charged Attack Resists against Weak to
Dialga Steel and Dragon Dragon Breath Iron Head and Draco Meteor Poison, Grass, Steel, Water, Psychic, Rock, Normal, Flying, Electric, Bug Fighting, Ground
Garchomp Dragon and Ground Mud Shot Outrage and Earth Power Electric, Poison, Rock, Fire Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Dragonite Dragon and Flying Dragon Breath Dragon Claw and Hurricane Ground, Grass, Fire, Water, Fighting, Bug Ice, Dragon, Rock, Fairy
Ho-Oh Fire and Flying Incinerate Brave Bird and Earthquake Grass, Bug, Steel, Ground, Fighting, Fire, Fairy Rock, Electric, Water
Mewtwo Psychic Psycho Cut Psystrike and Focus Blast Psychic, Fighting Dark, Ghost, Bug
Giratina (Origin) Ghost and Dragon Shadow Claw Shadow Ball and Ominous Wind Normal, Fighting, Water, Fire, Poison, Grass, Electric, Bug Drark, Dragon, Ghost, Fairy, Ice
Zekrom Dragon and Electric Dragon Breath Crunch and Wild Charge Electric, Water, Grass, Steel, Flying, Fire Dragon, Fairy, Ground, Ice
Palkia Water and Dragon Dragon Breath Aqua Tail and Draco Meteor Water, Fire, Steel Dragon, Fairy
Snorlax Normal Lick Body Slam and Superpower Ghost Fighting

Master League Classic – Tier 3

Pokémon Type Fast Attack Charged Attack Resists against Weak to
Landorus (Incarnate) Ground and Flying Mud Shot Rock Slide and Earth Power Ground, Poison, Electric, Fighting, Bug Ice, Water
Mamoswine Ice and Ground Powder Snow Avalanche and Bulldoze Electric, Poison Fighting, Grass, Fire, Steel, Water
Reshiram Dragon and Fire Dragon Breath Crunch and Overheat Grass, Fire, Electric, Steel, Bug Rock, Dragon, Ground
Giratina (Altered) Ghost and Dragon Shadow Claw Dragon Claw and Shadow Sneak Normal, Fighting, Poison, Grass, Water, Fire, Electric, Bug Dragon, Fairy, Dark, Ghost, Ice
Zapdos Electric and Flying Thunder Shock Thunderbolt and Drill Peck Ground, Steel, Grass, Flying, Bug, Fighting Rock, Ice
Togekiss Fairy and Flying Charm Ancient Power and Flamethrower Ground, Fighting, Bug, Dragon, Grass, Dark Electric, Ice, Rock, Poison, Steel
Metagross Steel and Psychic Bullet Punch Meteor Mash and Earthquake Psychic, Poison, Steel, Normal, Ice, Rock, Flying, Grass, Fairy, Dragon Fire, Ground, Ghost, Dark

And that’s our list of the best Pokémon for the Pokémon GO Master League Classic for June and July 2021.

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