Pokemon GO Tricks to Get Shiny Pokemon

Catching Shiny Pokemon has rules that you need to know

by Chris Park


Shiny Pokemon are one of the most coveted items in any Pokemon game.  These ultra-rare types of Pokemon are always very hard to find and in Pokemon GO that is definitely the case.  Though it’s not uncommon for Pokemon GO players to seek out these rare Pokemon, not everyone understands the mechanics behind shiny Pokemon in the game and ultimately waste a lot of time looking to catch Shiny Pokemon.   In this guide we’re going to explain some tips and tricks for catching Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

How to Get More Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The first thing you need to know about Shiny Pokemon when doing Shiny Hunting is that Pokemon GO is based around RNG.  This means that there is a percentage chance that you encounter a Pokemon at any given time.  For example, when you encounter any Pokemon in Pokemon GO there is a fixed chance that this Pokemon is a shiny variant.  Depending on what’s going on in the game – Community Day, Events, Research Opportunities – Niantic will tweak the numbers to skew in your favor to potentially find a shiny Pokemon.

So with that said, the base Shiny rate in Pokemon GO is 1 in 500.  That means that there is a 0.2% chance that you find a Shiny Pokemon at any given moment in the game.  There are some Pokemon in Pokemon GO that have permanently boosted shiny rates which improve your odds of finding one, but these are often limited to Pokemon that you will not find in the wild or Pokemon that fall under other criteria.

Within that structure Niantic has varying shiny rates for a number of different types of Pokemon, be those Legendary, Mythical, Shadow and other types of Pokemon.   The rate that you can find Shiny Pokemon GO range from 0.2% all the way up to 10% when playing in certain events.

Play During Special Events to Catch Shiny Pokemon


Pokemon GO has a ton of ongoing events that will allow you to catch shiny Pokemon at an increased rate.  For the best chances of finding them, you’ll want to play during these events.

  • Community Days – Shiny Boosted Rate around 4%
  • Raid Days – Shiny Boosted Rate around 10%
  • Limited Research – Shiny Boosted Rate between approximately 2.5% – 10%
  • GO Fest – around 1.6%

But there are many more, and this doesn’t apply to every single Pokemon in the game.  It only applies to the Featured Pokemon in these promotional events.  So which Pokemon are shiny?

Pokemon Shiny Hunting know your Targets

Pokemon GO Shiny Hunting can be a time waster if you’re not doing it smartly.  The first thing you’ll want to address with yourself is what you’re looking to catch.  Are you looking for a specific shiny Pokemon?  You’ll want to make sure that there’s actually a shiny version available for you to catch before you start pouring hours into the game looking for something that doesn’t exist.  Attack of the Fanboy is always trying to keep the Pokemon GO community informed about events and potential for Shiny captures, have a look at these Pokemon GO guides for all of the current shiny hunting opportunities.


What Does a Shiny Pokemon Look Like

Shiny Pokemon have a different visual appearance when compared to the normal versions.  You’ll also find that shiny Pokemon have a shiny icon next to them which is three stars.  If you encounter a shiny Pokemon in the wild this icon with three stars will appear near the Pokemon’s CP.  If you catch a Shiny Pokemon you will also notice that the name is a different color in the game.

Anytime you are in the Pokemon GO overworld you cannot see whether a Pokemon is shiny or not.  It will only reveal itself to be shiny once you’ve attempted to capture it.  So then how will you know if a Pokemon is shiny or not?  Well, you simply need to tap on as many Pokemon as possible.  Many say that using the game’s AR Mode is the fastest way to see whether a Pokemon is shiny or not in Pokemon GO.

 Best Times to Catch Shiny Pokemon

With all that said, the best times to catch Shiny Pokemon are going to be when the odds are in your favor.  That means, maximizing your time playing the game when the odds are in your favor rather than against you.  While this method will help you catch specific featured Pokemon, if you’re looking for a specific one you’re going to have to leave it up to the RNG gods at Niantic.

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