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Pokémon GO – What Is A Strange Egg?

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Pokémon GO has introduced a number of different mechanics over the year, with the addition of Team GO Rocket into the mix being one of the biggest. Team GO Rocket is all over the game now, whether it’s just the regular Grunts and Leaders you fight or when you’re dealing with them in certain events. They can also be the key to getting certain Pokémon, including the newly added to the game Pancham, which revolve around what Niantic are referring to as Strange Eggs. As a result, we have created this guide to tell you exactly what the Strange Eggs are in the game and what you can do with them currently.

What Is A Strange Egg?

The Luminous Legends event is currently ongoing in Pokémon Go and started off by offering Xerneas in five stars raids and now has moved onto Yveltal instead. When this event first started, Pancham was introduced to the game for the first time via raids that you could use to catch him. The switch from Xerneas to Yveltal changed this though, making you need to find Strange Eggs to hatch Pancham. That may leave you wondering though, what are Strange Eggs in Pokémon GO?

Well, Strange Eggs are something that you already likely have had and may still have in Pokémon Go. These are are the special red Eggs that you are given for defeating the Rocket Leaders. These were harder to obtain in the past, as you would miss out on them if you had a full roster of nine Eggs in your inventory, but the special addition where you can house these red Eggs should allow you to have some.

For Pancham specificially, you will need to have some of these Red Eggs from after Pancham was added into them. With the new update that shows you potential Pokémon you’ll get from each Egg, you can make sure that specific Egg is one that it will hatch from and pop it in an Incubator and hope for the best.

That’s it for our Strange Eggs guide. You can read more details about Pancham’s introduction in the game in our guide on that, but just know that the red Team GO Rocket Eggs, also known as Strange Eggs, are the only way to get them right now.

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