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Pokémon Home – How to Use Trade Rooms

Create your own mini Wonder Trade with Room Trade

by Kyle Hanson


Trading Pokémon is just about as important as catching them. You might be able to catch most of “em all” by yourself, but unless you play through the same game multiple times, you’re eventually going to have to trade if you truly want to be the very best. So it’s no surprise that the newly released Pokémon Home app has a lot of ways to trade characters. One of them is a bit confusing though, so here’s how to use trade rooms in Pokémon Home.

How to Use Trade Rooms

We explained the basics of the Room Trade feature here, but there’s clearly more than just hopping into a room together and swapping creatures. These Trade Rooms are basically mini Wonder Trade systems in a way, and there’s a lot of things that can be quite confusing. So let’s get into the nitty gritty, starting with your choices for how to manage Trade Rooms.

After selecting the Room Trade feature you can either start your own public room, join one with a code, scan someone’s code to join them, or join a random open room. No matter which you choose the system will perform similarly. First off, each room can either be setup where you see which Pokémon the other players have picked, or they are kept hidden.

After everyone loads up into the same Trade Room a timer will count down to when you can pick the Pokémon you wish to trade. Let it expire then pick whichever character you’re willing to give up. The other players will do the same, and once they do or the timer runs out all the Pokémon will be jumbled together and passed out to all the players. So basically, if you have five trainers in a Trade Room you are performing a random, Wonder Trade with only those five players.

And that’s how to use trade rooms in Pokémon Home.

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