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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Catch Perfect Pokemon Flawless IV

by William Schwartz


Catching Pokemon is just the beginning of Pokemon Let’s Go.  There are perfect or flawless IV Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go, and you can catch them with a little luck and doing the right things to increase your odds.  If you’re setting out to catch these perfect Pokemon you’re going to want to stock up on Pokeballs and hit the areas where you know the species you are looking for will be.  Once you do, you’re going to need chaining catch combos.

There are certain IVs that are guaranteed when catching a certain amount of the same Pokemon in a row.  If you catch between 1-10 of the same Pokemon you are guaranteed 0/6 Flawless IV.  If you catch between 11-20 in a catch combo, you are guaranteed 2/6 Flawless IV.  If you catch between 21-30 you are guaranteed 3/6 Flawless IV.  With a catch combo of 31 or higher you are guaranteed to get 4/6 Flawless IV.

Simply put, the best way to have a shot at catching a perfect Pokemon with flawless IV 6/6 in Pokemon Let’s Go is to increase your catch combo.

To check Pokemon IV you will need to have chatted with Professor Oak’s assistant who will unlock this for you in the game.  This guide can help you check your Pokemon IV.

There is no way to get Flawless 6/6 IV Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go without a little luck.  The best you can do is catch more than 30 in a combo and hope that a perfect IV Pokemon spawns in your location.

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