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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get to the Boss in Silph Co. Head Office

Most global corporation offices are mazes, right?

by Kyle Hanson


You’ve traveled far and wide across the Kanto region, fighting Team Rocket, catching tons of Pokemon, and working toward becoming the true Pokemon Champion. All of it has led to Silph Co. Head Office where you must take on Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket. While this isn’t the end of your journey, it might be if you are easily frustrated. Silph Co. Head Office is a massive maze, but we’re here to give you the quickest way through. Here’s how to get to the boss in Silph Co. Head Office.

First off, keep in mind that Silph Co. Head Office is eleven floors of trainer battles and random items. Most of it is totally optional, so feel free to wander if you have the time and energy. Once you’re ready to head straight to the boss though, just follow these steps.

Head up to the fifth floor then go left and fight your rival along with a pair of Team Rocket henchmen. After the battle you will find the Card Key. Grab it and you’ll have almost free reign within the Silph Co. Head Office. Now take the elevator down to the third floor and use the key to enter the center area where you’ll find a scientist and a Team Rocket henchman. Take the warp pad to teleport to the seventh floor to find Archer. Thankfully you won’t have to fight him this time, so keep moving and use the teleporter.

You will now be on the eleventh floor, where Giovanni awaits. Head in and you will trigger the fight. He’s a tough challenge, but no worse than Blue was. Take him out and you will be rewarded with the most valuable item in all of Pokemon Let’s Go: the Master Ball. Use it to catch anything you want, with no chance of it breaking out.

And that’s how to get to the boss in Silph Co. Head Office in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

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