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Pokémon Let’s Go How to Level Up

Catching Pokemon is a quick way to level up.

by William Schwartz


Leveling up in Pokemon Let’s Go is going to be the fastest way to make your Pokemon more powerful.  Some things have changed from the traditional leveling mechanics from previous Pokemon games.  Battling is a still a great way to level up fast, but it’s not the only way.  In Pokemon Let’s Go you can also earn Experience Points by catching wild Pokemon.

You’ll still encounter plenty of people out in the world of Pokemon Let’s Go that want to battle.  When you do battle with these characters you will earn XP and Leveling.  But battles are far less frequent than catching wild Pokemon, which will give you an opportunity to level up more quickly.


Catching wild Pokemon can be done over and over in a specific area.  You simply need to walk up to the Pokemon that you want to catch and you will start the game of catching them in your Pokeball.  You’ll basically earn more experience points for the better your performance when trying to catch one.  You’ll be graded on the skill of your throw, how many attempts that it takes you, if you have a combo going and a number of different factors that will influence the overall XP that you earn on a catch.   Your bonus multiplier will begin to add up once you’ve caught a few of the same types of Pokemon.  On each catch you’ll also level up all of your Pokemon with the experience points that you earn.

During this leveling process you will unlock new moves and abilities for your Pokemon. When out looking for Pokemon to catch to get more XP you’ll also see that some of these Pokemon have auras around them.  This means that a Pokemon is huge or tiny.  Both of these Pokemon variations will earn you more points than the normal ones.  The more rare that a Pokemon is, the more points you will earn for catching them.  Increasing your combo size or using lures will allow rare Pokemon to spawn in an area and help you level up fast in Pokemon Let’s Go.

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