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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Completing Brooklet Hill (Lana’s Trial)

by Dean James


Island Trials are the replacement for gyms in Pokemon Sun and Moon and they are definitely quite different, with you instead exploring areas for Pokemon than trainers. We’ve already told you about how to complete the Verdant Cavern trial on Melemele Island and now it’s time for the second one found in Brooklet Hill.

Brooklet Hill is located just after Paniola Town, where Lana asks you to check out a disturbance in the water. She gives you the Lapras Paddle ability on your Ride Pager, so the first step is to climb on board Lapras and head for the geyser looking object in the middle of the water. A few objects under the water swim away from this location, but go back to the initial point and you’ll get in a fight with a Wishiwashi.

Unlike the Verdant Cavern trial, you actually can catch the Wishiwashi if you want though. Whether you defeat it or capture it, Lana will mention she hears more splashing ahead so move to the south and get back on dry land. Follow this pathway through some more tall grass and you’ll run into Lana again that somehow magically transported to be in front of you.

As before, use Lapras Paddle to get over to the little geyser, where you’ll find another Wishiwashi to face. Once again, you can defeat or catch this Wishiwashi. Head south again onto dry land, where you can choose to face Fisherman Carl if you want. Otherwise, just follow the path again to run into Lana again.

After reaching Lana, you will be ready for the final Trial challenge against the Totem of the area, which is something new to the series. You will be facing Wishiwashi again, but its in its School Form. Just like the previous Trial, Wishiwashi (School Form) can call upon other Pokemon like Wishiwashi and Alomomola to help, though the Wishiwashi be in their standalone form. Wishiwashi (School Form) will also have a Sitrus Berry to heal it a bit too, so be ready for that. The Wishiwashi’s Schooling Effect can also wear off, so it may revert back to it’s base form as well after awhile.

For completing the Brooklet Hill trial, you will receive Waterium Z from Lana which you can use to power up a Water type Pokemon with a special Z-Move. That is now all, as she will also give you the Fishing Rod and 10 Dive Balls.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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