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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How To Get Surf (Lapras Paddle)

by Dean James


One of the best changes made in Pokemon Sun and Moon is the removal of HMs, which previously meant wasting precious party and move slots just to perform simple tasks like to Cut and Fly, with Surf being one of the few useful ones in battle. These have been replaced with Pokemon you can call upon through the Ride Pager and one you will certainly want to know when you get it is Surf.

As we told you in a previous guide, Tauros Charge, aka Rock Smash, is the first Pokemon you will get in the Ride Pager, with Stoundland Search being available not too far after as essentially a replacement for the Item Finder. That one is okay, but the important one is Surf.

Like with Tauros Charge, you will be finding Surf within the game’s main story as it is a requirement to complete the game’s second Island Trial that is found in Brooklet Hill.

This area is found just north of Paniola Hill after you face the mysterious Gladion for the first time. Continue on and fight the other trainers in your path and you’ll come across a Pokemon Center. Keep going northwest and you’ll enter Brooklet Hill.

Follow the winding path through a little bit of tall grass and you’ll come across Lana, who is standing right beside some water. She points out something in the water for you to investigate as part of your trial, in which she gives you the Lapra Paddle, which is the equivalent of Surf, in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Just like with Tauros Charge, you can call on Lapras Paddle whenever you need to, though you obviously have to be by water for this one. And with that, you can now traverse across bodies of water all through Alola.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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