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Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version Guide: Ash-Greninja And Other Transferrable Items To The Full Game

by Dean James


The Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version just released this week in anticipation of the upcoming games themselves to get players a taste of what we can expect in the full games. However, this is a completely separate experience that you can not only play, but also earn stuff to transfer over to the full game and we’ll here to tell you the stuff that you can get.

The big thing that has been promoted about the demo from the start is that you will be given the special Ash-Greninja in the demo to use. This is playable throughout the entire demo, but after you complete the main story of the short demo, you can actually transfer Ash-Greninja to the main game. In addition, there are a number of items that can transfer over too, with there being some that we don’t even know yet as they are time based.

First of all, you need to play through the demo where you complete the trial and actually have the demo save and reset. At this point, start the game back up and you will talk to Professor Kukui, who will give you your Ride Pager that lets you call Tauros to break rocks. This now opens up more of this relatively small area, offering three chances for transferrable items.

The first is found actually in Hau-oli City to the right of the Pokemon Center. Go past this a little bit and head south to find your pathway block by Slowpoke. At this point, speak with the girl to the left who will take you to a rock filled area and tasks you with riding on your Tauros to destroy all the rocks. Upon reaching the end of this path, you’ll be introduced to a mysterious guy who will reward you for using your Tauros with three Stardusts.

The other two items will come in Ten Carat Hill, the first of which coming just to the right as you enter the area. Call upon Tauros and destroy this rock to talk to a guy who teaches you how to catch Pokemon and then tasks you to catch Pokemon as part of a challenge. He provides you with Poke Balls to use to catch Pokemon, with you needing to catch at least three. After getting your third or more, speak to him again and he will reward you with a Nugget.

The last item is also earned in Ten Carat Hill, as you are are tasked to fight the three trainers in the area by an Ace Trainer. One of these you should have already defeated in your first playthrough more than likely on your way to the Trial, which is a kid. The first you’ll actually see after entering though is to the left side between the two patches of grass. The last one can be found between some breakable rocks to the right, so call on Tauros and get smashing. After defeating all three, go and challenge the Ace Trainer to battle, who has a Jangmo-o and Pikachu. By defeating her, you will earn a Star Piece item.

Beyond these three items and Ash-Greninja, there are also some items that are not quite as known as they don’t show up until certain periods of time after you play through the demo. The first is right outside the Pokemon Center, who will tell you to come back tomorrow. By doing so, you will be given 10 Pretty Wings as a reward. I would recommend speaking with the rest of the NPCs in the demo as well, as many of them refer to a period of time, which seems to hint they’ll be offering transferrable items moving forward as well.

After you get the full version of either Pokemon Sun or Moon, make sure you have either your cartridge or downloaded copy of Sun or Moon in your 3DS and fire up the demo. Go to the Pokemon Center and speak with Professor Kikui, who will ask if you want to transfer items to the full game. Just a warning, if you by chance have say the cartridge version of Sun and the downloaded version of Moon on your 3DS, the items will default to the cartridge based version.

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