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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Get Galarian Farfetch’d

Exclusive to one version of the game.

by Dean James


The original 151 Pokemon are easily the most iconic of the franchise, with many Pokemon from that generation later getting new evolutions, Mega Evolutions, or even Alolan forms. However, one Pokemon from that generation that has always been left to the wayside was that of Farfetch’d with no evolutions or anything. That has finally changed with the arrival of Pokemon Sword and Shield thanks to the brand new Galarian Farfetch’d who also has an evolution to a brand new Pokemon as well. Galarian Farfetch’d is exclusive to Pokemon Sword though and this guide will explain where you can find it.

How To Get Galarian Farfetch’d

Finding Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is definitely much easier than in the past due to them being out in the open walking around, rather than having to rely on random encounters only. You won’t be finding Galarian Farfetch’d right away though, so play through the game a bit until after you get the Grass Badge.

After getting the Grass Badge, you will leave Turrfield to the East and enter Route 5 before heading towards Hulbury. Along the way, you will get the bike and have to cross a long bridge. The spot for Galarian Farfetch’d is going to be just as soon as you exit the right end of the bridge and reach an area just before Hulbury.

There is only one patch of tall grass here that will have Pokemon walking around in it. Galarian Farfetch’d has a very low spawn rate here, so you are likely going to have to leave the area multiple times and return to eventually have it pop up. This can be done by simply going back towards the bridge and immediately coming back after the grass goes off screen.

Galarian Farfetch’d also will not be a random encounter, as the only way to get it here is if it’s actually walking around in the grass to where you can see it. If you do not see it inside the grass, just leave and keep coming back. This Pokemon is quite strong too and should be around level 20, so make sure to bring yourself plenty of Poke Balls or even Great Balls to try and catch it.

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