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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Get Mystery Gifts

Easier than ever.

by Dean James


The Mystery Gift has been a big part of the Pokemon series since Generation II, though just starting out as a way to get special items in the game. That eventually evolved into allowing players to get exclusive Pokemon for their game as well, with the method of using Mystery Gift getting easier with each subsequent generation. Pokemon Sword and Shield brings back Mystery Gifts yet again and this guide will detail how you can find them.

How To Get Mystery Gifts

Mystery Gifts will not always available in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it is always a good idea to check to see if anything is available. To access the Mystery Gift function in the game, you must first press X to bring up the pause menu in the game. From here, navigate to the Mystery Gift option and select it.

From here, you will have a few options to choose from, with you needing to select “Get a Mystery Gift.” Once again, you have multiple options to choose from here, which will depend on the method you are trying to get it with. These three options available to you at all times are “Get via Local Communication,” “Get via Internet,” and “Get with Code/Password.”

The first of these would be if you were to go to a GameStop store or such for a Pokemon giveaway that requires you to connect to their in-store connection to acquire the Pokemon. Option number two is for when there is something being given away to anybody online and you just select that one and can access it to download. Lastly requires you to get a code from somewhere, typically a store like GameStop or Target that is giving them away. If you have a code that way, you can select that option and enter it right there to gain exclusive access to that giveaway.

Each of these options only allow you to get the Pokemon one time per version, so make sure you do not erase your data after or you will lose these forever.

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