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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Get Watts

This new currency is very valuable indeed.

by William Schwartz


Once you get to the first Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield you’ll encounter a new type of currency that allows you to purchase powerful items.  However, you’ll need to do some different activities to get the currency called Watts (W).  This Watts currency can be used to buy a number of powerful items from a bunch of different vendors located all over Galar.

To get Watts you need to visit Dens and defeat certain types of Pokemon in the Wild Area.  You’ll want to look for the Pokemon that have a yellow glow around them first and foremost, this is a good way to get 100’s of Watts for your time.  However, you can also visit the dens marked around the area to get Watts instantly.

How to Get Watts (W) Currency

  • Fight Yellow Pokemon
  • Visit Small Dens (50 Watts)
  • Visit Large Dens (300 Watts)

Visit glowing Dens


All you need to do with these is walk up to them and interact to get 50 Watts (W Currency).

Battle and Defeat Pokemon with Yellow Auras


If you’re looking to battle in the wild area, look for the Pokemon with glowing yellow auras.  These special Pokemon will give you W Currency.

Head to the Bigger Dens with Light Rays


These bigger dens with the light ray shooting out of them will give you 300 Watts for visiting them, whether you fight the Pokemon or not.

Once you’ve collected some Watts you can spend them with numerous NPCs who have a number of powerful items to purchase with Watts.  Watts vendor locations can be found on the overworld map.  Try different vendors for unique items.

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