Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Start Isle of Armor DLC

Begin your journey to the Isle of Armor.

by Diego Perez
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The first major expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield is finally here, letting you travel to the Isle of Armor and encounter all different kinds of Pokemon, new and old. Several classic Pokemon that were cut from the base game return with this expansion, and they’re also added to the game in a free update for those who don’t purchase the DLC. Those who do buy the Isle of Armor DLC expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, however, will get access to a brand new wild area, multiplayer Dynamax Adventures, and both new and returning legendary Pokemon. Every journey starts somewhere, so this is how to start the Isle of Armor DLC in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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How to Start the Isle of Armor DLC in Pokemon Sword and Shield

To start the Isle of Armor DLC, head to the Wedgehurst train station and speak to the attendant dressed in green. He’ll accept your Armor Pass and grant you passage to Armor Station, which marks the start of the Isle of Armor DLC. If you haven’t played the game in a while, you might encounter an event where a Galarian Slowpoke wanders into the station. If that happens, just catch the Slowpoke and then you’ll be able to speak to the attendant. Once you arrive, your Pokedex will be updated with all of the new Pokemon added in the expansion.


To reach the Isle of Armor, you need an Armor Pass, which you should receive upon booting up the game if you own the Expansion Pass. If you don’t have the item or cannot find the attendant, make sure your game is fully updated to the latest version. Just go to the Switch home screen, press the + button while selecting Pokemon Sword or Shield to bring up the settings menu, and then navigate to Software Update. Select “Via the Internet” to download the latest version. It’s also worth noting that you must visit the original game’s Wild Area at least once before you can start the DLC. You can’t start with a fresh save and wander straight over to the Isle of Armor.

Isle of Armor DLC Level Requirement

There is no level requirement for the Isle of Armor DLC. Level scaling has been implemented for the expansion, meaning the wild Pokemon and trainers you face will be scaled to match the highest level Pokemon in your party. If your highest level Pokemon is level 60, then wild Pokemon and trainer teams will be around level 60 as well. If your highest level Pokemon is only level 25, then wild Pokemon and trainer teams will be around level 25. This way, anyone can enjoy the DLC regardless of how much they’ve been grinding. This will also reportedly be true for the upcoming second expansion, The Crown Tundra, later this year, but that remains to be seen.

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