Pokémon UNITE: Best Cinderace Build

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Cinderace is a full-blown Attacker in Pokémon UNITE, and a good one that is. Quite possibly having the highest damage-output potential of the game, Cinderace hits hard, fast and from a range as well. The fiery, soccer rabbit is a perfect fit for Pokémon UNITE and the whole MOBA genre in general, with abilities that compliment its strengths and weaknesses very well, feeling right at home. Able to knock out enemy Pokémon with ease and score some big points as well, you can’t go wrong picking Cinderace as your ‘ace’ Pokémon.

Best setup and build for Cinderace in Pokémon UNITE

If you decide picking Cinderace in a game, your role would be to suppress lanes as hard as you can, leaving no room for the enemy team to either leave the lane, or push against you. With a moveset that can literally destroy individual Pokémon, few can withstand 1v1 bouts against the blazing soccer-loving mammal.

After you gain some levels and build-up power, Cinderace is a damage-dealing machine and you need to take advantage of it. Gather up with your team, position yourself in a well-placed enough spot to avoid soaking up damage, and throw your overwhelming attacks. Save your Unite move to finish of a ‘kill’, as it hits tremendously hard, and try to hit-and-run as much as possible, since Cinderace can barely withstand lots of enemy attacks.


  • Ember
    The user launches a small flame attack to a designated opponent that inflicts burn status. This attack will trigger additional damage for the next 3 times they do any attack.
  • Pyro Ball
    Launches a fire ball in a straight line and inflicts burn status. This attack will trigger additional damage for the next 3 times they do any attack.
  • Feint
    Increases the user’s movement speed for a short time and makes them invincible. If used while the user is affected by hindrances, removes any hindrances affecting the user.


  • Focus Band
    Endure damage that would otherwise make it faint and then continually recover HP for a short time.
  • Muscle Band
    Deal increased basic attack damage.
  • Scope Lens
    Boosts critical hit chance and critical hit damage.


  • Eject Button
    Moves to a specified direction immediately.

Pokémon UNITE is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2021 and to mobile devices in September 2021. For more related gameplay tips and info, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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