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Pokémon UNITE: Best Gengar Build

Sneak up on your opponents and score that knockdown.

by Victor Vellas


Gengar is in a tough spot when it comes to his type in Pokémon UNITE, as it shares a spot with another famous Speedster, Absol, which was dominating the battlefield during the game’s beta. However, what makes Gengar distinct and preferable over other Speedsters in general, is his obnoxious poison abilities and the numerous tricks it has, up to its sleeves. Gengar can semi-teleport, cause DOT (Damage Over Time) effects and can overall be quite a nuisance, if left unchecked.

Best setup and build for Gengar in Pokémon UNITE

While Gengar is a strong melee attacker, its true power lies within the effects of its poisonous arsenal of attacks and the various utility techniques it has. For this reason, the best setup and build for Gengar revolves around those exactly. You should not be rushing down enemies, as with Gengar you need to play carefully, keep poisoning everyone around and only when time is right, flank them alongside your team or use your Hex to score some knockdowns to isolated enemy Pokémon.


  • Lick
    Attacks with the user’s tongue and pulls opposing Pokémon toward the user.
  • Sludge Bomb
    Hurls unsanitary sludge to the designated area, leaving opposing Pokémon poisoned when it hits.
  • Hex
    Has the user disappear and then reappear at the designated location, dealing damage to the opposing Pokémon that is poisoned, it deals increased damage and its cooldown is reduced.


  • Shell Bell
    Heals the attacker’s HP when a special attack hits its target.
  • Wise Glasses
    Greatly increases the damage of special attacks.
  • Sp. Atk Specs
    Permanently increases special attack damage upon scoring a goal


  • X-Attack
    Raises your Pokémon ‘s Attack and Sp. Atk for a short time.

Pokémon UNITE is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2021 and to mobile devices in September 2021. For more related gameplay tips and info, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


- This article was updated on July 19th, 2021

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