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Pokémon UNITE: Best Greninja Build

Embrace your inner ninja.

by Victor Vellas


Pokémon UNITE has an interesting launching roster which would literally fill incomplete without everyone’s beloved toad-assassin, Greninja. Greninja feels exactly as you would expect in the game. Fast and elusive, with the ability to throw water-shurikens at everyone, while cloning itself, Naruto-style. It truly is like you are controlling a character from another franchise entirely, and that is not a bad thing. This toad’s playstyle is enjoyable, fun and most importantly, satisfying. Although, a little bit on the harder side of things, rather than beginner friendly.

Best setup and build for Greninja in Pokémon UNITE

You need to practice at one thing with Greninja, to be able to fully master this Pokémon’s toolkit. Controlling your multiple ‘clones’, or illusions if I may, which spawn from Greninja’s abilities. This specific Pokémon is not a brawler, nor a frontline fighter. You need to play very carefully, and of course, be as sneaky as possible. Learning which encounters Greninja can handle, and which it needs to escape from, will be vital and your key to success to be able to utilize everything in your arsenal. Throwing your clones when needed, pressuring the opponent when time is right, and all these motions are part of what make Greninja a true assassin.

For everything mentioned above, our whole setup revolves around Greninja’s clones and the ability to control the flow of a fight, escaping or lunging whenever needed. Water Shuriken is your main damaging skill, which is best to save when an enemy Pokémon is at its most vulnerable. Greninja’s Unite power is there to seal the deal, so again, make sure to save it for only when you are certain you can grab that knock down.


  • Substitute
    Leaves behind a substitute for the user while they’re moved forward.
  • Water Shuriken
    Throws shurikens made of water in quick succession. Increases the user’s movement speed while they are using this move and restores the user’s HP every time a shuriken hits.
  • Double Team
    Quickly moves the user away from the current position, creating illusory copies of them to aid in battle.


  • Energy Amplifier
    Quickly moves the user away from the current position, creating illusory copies of them to aid in battle.
  • Muscle Band
    Deal increased basic attack damage.
  • Float Stone
    Increased movement speed and Attack Damage.


  • X-Attack
    Raises your Pokémon’s Attack and Sp. Atk for a short time.

Pokémon UNITE is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2021 and to mobile devices in September 2021. For more related gameplay tips and info, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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