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Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Puzzles Guide (#5-10)

by Dean James

One of the hardest parts of any Professor Layton game is the puzzles and with the recent release of Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, we thought we’d help you out with some of the puzzles in the game. We’ve already done #1-5 so that brings us to #6-10 today. Thanks to N3DSItalia’s YouTube videos, we also have some screencaps of said puzzles.

Puzzle #6 – Knight Training


“Everyone knows that here at the order, we strive for excellence!

Ensuring you can properly block any attack with your shield is and integral part of maintaining that reputation!

We’re not leaving here until each and every one of you shows me you can block!

Now, show me what you’ve got!”

  • Hint 1: The knight wielding two swords should take his position in the bottom right corner. That being the case, the two knights bordering him should both be carrying shields.
  • Hint 2: The knight with two shields goes in the bottom left corner.
  • Hint 3: The knight armed with only a single sword pointing downwards goes in the top left corner.
  • Super Hint: Follow the placement of the knights in the picture below. Two of the knights must be swapped, but which ones?


Solution: Starting from the top left, this is the order of the knights. Knight pointing straight down with no sword, knight pointing sword downward with shield on the right, knight pointing sword to the left and shield to the right, and knight pointing the sword to the left with the shield on the bottom. Starting from the bottom left, we have the knight with two shields pointing up and right, the knight pointing a sword to the left and a shield upward, a knight with a shield point to the right only, and finally the knight with two swords pointing left and upward.

Puzzle #7 – Unusual Music Box


There are four dolls atop a music box. Each doll is facing in a different direction.

Touching the buttons on the Touch Screen will turn two of the dolls 90 degrees. Rotate the dolls so that they all face forward.

However, you cannot press the same button twice in a row.

  • Hint 1: Start off by pressing the yellow button. This will move the doll on the left side and the one nearest you. You should be able to complete this puzzle by pressing the buttons a total of six times. If you get lost, there’s no harm in starting over from the beginning.
  • Hint 2: Press the red button, followed by the yellow button again. You’re steadily getting there.
  • Hint 3: Press the red button again. All of the dolls should be facing right. Just two more steps. Make sure you think them through!
  • Super Hint: You are just about there. Press the blue button, followed by the red button. How does it look?


Solution: Press the buttons in the following order: yellow, red, yellow, red, blue, red.

Puzzle #8 – Map Mishap


The town map is broken up into 12 separate pieces Touch each piece to correctly rearrange the map.

Pay special attention to the layout of the streets and how they connect.

  • Hint 1: Focusing on the paths and how they connect will certainly make things easier. Try and arrange the middle pieces so that the street forms a circle around the houses.
  • Hint 2: Next, focus on the two pieces on top of the circular town centre. The street leading out of the town centre should have a path going to the left.
  • Hint 3: Now have a look at the four pieces in the corners. When properly arranged, the streets should form what looks like a larger circle outside of the smaller circle that makes up the town centre.
  • Super Hint: The only remaining pieces are the two centre pieces on the left and right. Notice the blue and red houses in each piece. Try swapping them so that the houses are neatly aligned with the rest of the map.
  • Professor-Layton-VS-Phoenix-Wright-Puzzle-8-2

Solution: Follows the steps in the hints above or check out the completed image above.

Puzzle #9 – Marionettes


There are six puppets, each with individually controlled body parts. They each have a total of six parts: a head, a body, two arms, and two legs.

The controls for each of the puppets body parts have been separated. Use the stylus to connect each puppet with the correct number of body parts.

Note that none of the connection can overlap each other.

  • Hint 1: There are many possible combinations that can be made. The easiest one to spot is on the far right side. The purple puppet’s parts shouldn’t be too hard to miss.
  • Hint 2: Try and highlight all the parts for the yellow puppet now. Highlight the entire second column from the right, except for the uppermost space. On the second space down from the puppet, highlight the single foot to the left.
  • Hint 3: Next up is the blue puppet. In the bottom left corner, highlight the foot above and the body below. Then highlight all the space to the right of the body. That leaves only three puppets left.
  • Super Hint: Take a close look at the green puppet. There are two spaces to the right that can easily be highlighted. From there, highlight all of the spaces below the first highlighted hand. The section should be T-shaped. The two puppets left should be easy.


Solution: See the image above.

Puzzle #10 – Shady Shadows


“I’ve noticed an occurrence most strange while on my night watch…

I see four of my shadows being reflected by the light where there should be but one!

What manner of witchery is this?! Find my true shadow and fell this miserable curse!”

  • Hint 1: “A strong foundation is the key to victory! Therefore, a knight’s legs must remain unwavering, no matter how long the march!”
  • Hint 2: “A knight is only as good as the weapons he carries. We must always ensure the weapons on our backs are in good repair!”
  • Hint 3: “A knight must learn to conserve energy where possible. To swing one’s arms about without reason is to invite exhaustion’s embrace.”
  • Super Hint: “A knight must strive for perfection. Legs as solid as steel! Arms never wavering! Weapons always in good repair! To follow these is to be a knight of the highest calibre!


Solution: Choose B

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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