Psychonauts 2 – How to Replay Previous Levels and Stages

Want to go back and play old levels?

by Kyle Hanson

There are quite a few collectibles and secrets areas in Psychonauts 2 meaning you will almost certainly end up wanting to replay levels and stages. But there isn’t a quick and easy level selection screen like in some other games. The world of Psychonauts 2 is large and always unique, so of course there’s a different way to do this. Here’s how to replay previous levels and stages in Psychonauts 2.

How to Replay Levels and Stages

You actually gain the ability to replay levels pretty quickly in Psychonauts 2, if you go to the right place. That place is Sasha’s Lab, found down the hallway marked Agents in the Motherlobe. Whenever you get a chance just head down this way and speak with Sasha. In his lab is the Brain Tumbler, which can take Raz to the Collective Unconscious.

Once you enter here you’ll have access to any brain you have previously visited, giving you access to the levels and stages contained within. All you need to do is use Mental Connection to glide around the area, stopping where you want to go. Any person’s brain you visited will be featured here, though they work a little bit different than the first time you entered them.

Many of the levels are split up into different stages, lacking the seamless flow that you saw when playing them originally. You can access most of the areas you previously could, but you may need to use the fast travel system to do it, so look for the creature that will help you do this. Still, this is a quick and easy way to replay your favorite levels or grab that missed collectible from the first time around. This is especially helpful if you’ve gained a new ability since you played it previously.

Hopefully that answers the question of how to replay previous levels and stages in Psychonauts 2.