Psychonauts 2 – Where to Get Bacon

Where to find bacon in Psychonauts headquarters

by Kyle Hanson

Early on in Psychonauts 2 you’ll be tasked with something that I try to do every day: find bacon. This is an important part of the story for the newly released sequel, so we won’t spoil exactly why you want the tasty breakfast meat just yet, in case you stumbled across this guide while googling two of your very favorite things. So, to help you get moving in the story, here’s where to get bacon in Psychonauts 2.

Where to Get Bacon in Psychonauts 2

The answer is to head to the Noodle Bowl, the main restaurant for everyone in the Motherlobe. This is found to the left of the main entrance to the Psychonauts headquarters, between the Ford’s barber shop and the classroom.

Once you get to the Noodle Bowl you’ll see that the special today is honey pepper boar bacon, so you should be able to grab some pretty quickly. Just head in and turn to the left to find the service counter. The woman working there will get you some bacon upon request and you will immediately use it to continue the story.

A cutscene will play showing that (SPOILERS) Ford Cruller is still residing somewhat inside of Raz’s head. With the bacon you can lure him out though and begin the next stage of your Psychonauts 2 adventure.

And that’s where to get bacon in Psychonauts 2.