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PUBG How to Use Canted Sights For Xbox, PS4, and PC

The canted sight will let you use multiple sights.

by William Schwartz


Canted Sights in PUBG allows you to have two sights on your weapon, which makes a single weapon incredibly useful at both short and long distances.  The canted sight is an item that can be found during a PUBG match that you must have in your inventory to use on a weapon.  Once you’ve found the canted sight and equipped it to your weapon there is another step in using this because you have to manually switch between the weapon sights.

How to Use Canted Sights on Xbox

Using Canted Sights on the Xbox One version of PUBG requires that you are aiming down sights.  When you aiming down sights you can simply toggle between the normal sights on the weapon and the canted sights.  While in ADS you will press the X button to switch to the Canted Sights.

How to Use Canted Sights on PS4

On the PlayStation 4, you also have to use a button to toggle between the Canted Sights and your normal sights.  While in ADS you will press the square button to switch between normal sights (or equipped sights) and the Canted Sights that you have equipped to the gun.

How to Use Canted Sights on PC

On PC you’ll use a combination of a key press and a mouse click to toggle between sights.  Press the ALT button + Right Click will toggle between Canted Sights and other equipped sights or normal ADS ironsights.

Weapons that can use Canted Sights

Weapons that can use Canted Sights in PUBGWeapon Type
Beryl M762Assault Rifle
AKMAssault Rifle
AUGAssault Rifle
M416Assault Rifle
MutantAssault Rifle
QBZAssault Rifle
SCAR-LAssault Rifle
G36CAssault Rifle
AWMSniper Rifle
M24Sniper Rifle
Kar98kSniper Rifle

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