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Rage 2 How to Beat General Cross Final Battle

Target the blue spots when the Titan slams its fists.

by William Schwartz


Confronting General Cross after you’ve completed Project Dagger is the last and toughest battle in Rage 2.  Knowing exactly what to expect when fighting the boss will be helpful as this multi-stage boss fight will let you finish the main story.  This guide will explain how to beat the final boss General Cross in Rage 2.

Once you’ve started the Project Dagger and completed the challenges for all three faction leaders in the game you will be given a tank that can be driven into Authority headquarters.  After some sequences of on-foot and in-vehicle combat you will come face to face with General Cross.  The general is riding a Colossal Titan and it’s attacks are much different than a normal enemy.

General Cross is a multi-stage boss fight in Rage 2.  You will first see him as show in the image above, and then you will need to fight a Colossal Titan.  The Colossal Titan fight will have multiple stage where you need to shoot parts of the giant monster’s body while avoiding its attacks.  The Colossal Titan has two different attacks to avoid.  The first thing to look out for are its melee smash attacks.  The monster will slam its left or right fist on the ground or sometimes both.  Once the fist hits the ground, a pulse wave will hit the ground that you must jump over to avoid and rockets will also be shot at you.  You’ll need to jump over the pulse rings and try to dash out of the way of the rocket attacks.  Once the monster slams its fists on the ground it’s time to attack.

Phase 1 General Cross Boss Fight


In the first stage you’ll find that there are four blue nodes these are the Titans only weakpoints and these are the areas that you must shoot when you have a chance.  The four nodes are located on the Titan’s right and left arms and will only be open to shoot when the Titan has slammed his fists down on the ground.  Once you’ve destroyed all four of these nodes you will need to fight a handful of mutants to start the next phase of the battle.

The mutants will come down elevator shafts to the left and right of the Titan.  There will be a couple waves of enemies that you must defeat before the second phase of the General Cross boss fight.


Phase 2 General Cross Boss Fight

In the second phase of the fight the big baddie will once again start smashing its hands on the floor.  You’re going to need to do a similar tasks to beat this phase of the fight.  Instead of the blue nodes on its arms you’re going to target blue nodes on its chest.  Depending on which arm hits the ground, that side will light up blue and be available to be hit.  After you’ve destroyed both blue targets another wave of mutants will hit the platform.  This time though, the enemies will be a little bit tougher so prepare for a fight.


Phase 3 General Cross Boss Fight

In the third phase of the fight you will once again be targeting a blue node, but this time it’s on the monster’s head.  Look directly at its face and above its left eye is a blue target that will light up when the monster slams its fist.  Target this area after the Titan slams its arms while avoiding the rings and rockets and you will eventually kill the Colossal Titan and General Cross.

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