Rage 2 How to Change Weapon Skins

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Rage 2 features a number of different skins that can be unlocked or purchased in-game.  Getting new weapons skins can be done by accessing traders, one such trader is at the Mutant Bash areas in the game.  Once you’ve got sprays that will change the skin of your weapon, you actually need to change the weapon skin within the game’s menu if you want to use it.

To do so, you can head into the in-game menu under the weapons tab.  You can change your weapon skin by selecting the weapon that you want to change the skin for and then press the Y/Triangle Button to change to open another menu which will show you which skins you have available.

Hover over the skin you want to switch to and then press and hold the X/Square Button to change your skin.  Once you own a skin in Rage 2 you are free to switch back and forth whenever you want.

Where to get Weapon Skins in Rage 2

One of the best ways to get skins in Rage 2 is by heading into the Mutant Bash section of the game.  This will put you in wave based combat where you can earn Mutant Bash tokens.  These tokens can then be traded in at the vendor at the Mutant Bash area.  Each skin costs 2500 Mutant Bash tokens so it could take a few rounds of playing the wave based combat mode before you have enough for a new gun skin.

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