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Rage 2 How to Get Charged Pulse Cannon

This one has some requirements to get.


The Charged Pulse Cannon is another one of the weapons that you can acquire in Rage 2.  Like other weapons in Rage 2, the Charged Pulse Cannon is located in a hidden Ark.  This guide will explain exactly where you need to go to get the Charged Pulse Cannon.

The Charged Pulse Cannon is located in the Dune Sea region at the Shrouded Vault Ark.  This are has a ton of Shrouded enemies to deal with and there is a pre-requisite to getting into the Ark.  If you try to enter the Shrouded Vault Ark you will be met with an error message on the door that says you need to re-route power to open it.  To do this you need to complete the Shrouded Sub Station Alpha and Shrouded Sub Station Bravo areas where you must destroy the reactors.  Doing this will allow you to enter into the Shrouded Vault Ark and collect the Charged Pulse Cannon.

Simply head to the areas on the map below and you’ll have the Charged Pulse Cannon in not time.

Charged Pulse Cannon Location Map


The Charged Pulse Cannon is a heavy weapon with a high rate of fire.  It spits out more rounds when the heating is optimal, but it’s easy to overheat.  To cool the gun off you need to press the Left Trigger.  If it gets overheated you’ll need to wait for the weapon to cool down.  In Overdrive Mode, the weapon can shoot without any heat penalty.

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