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Rage 2 How to Get Rush

Sprint much faster with this ability.

by William Schwartz


The Rush ability in Rage 2 gives you a speed burst for a short amount of time.  Like other abilities in the game, the Rush Ability can only be found in a hidden Ark.  Finding these Arks can take some exploration, or you can use this guide to show you exactly where to go to get the Rush Ability in Rage 2.

To get the Rush Ability you’re going to want to head to the Dealypipe Ark.  This Ark is located in the Sekreto Wetlands Region, just south of the Lagooney Hub.  The Ark is an enemy difficulty level 6 and inside it contains the Rush ability as well as multiple storage containers.  If you’re having trouble locating this Ark, just use the map below to head directly to the highlighted area.

Dealypipe Ark Location Get Barrier Ability


The Rush Ability is used by pressing the Left Thumbstick while you are already sprinting for a speed boost.  The ability has multiple levels, when increased will boost your speed at each stage.  Using the ability will give you a 125% boost by default, while upgrading the ability to level 2 will give you 150% boost.  The Rush ability is maxed out at level 3 where you’ll get a 175% speed boost when activating.

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