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Rage 2 How to Find Arks

Use your focus and then look to the horizon.

by William Schwartz


The Arks in Rage 2 contain some of the most powerful items in the game.  You’ll find Nanotrite abilities that allow you to do cool things in combat, and you’ll find powerful weapons as well.  The Arks, however, can be tough to find.  There are a couple of different ways that you can find the Arks in Rage 2 that aren’t already on the map.

Find Arks by using Focus

The fastest way to find all the Arks in Rage 2 is by using your Focus ability while exploring the world.  If you press the LB/L1 button while on foot out in the world you see a light beam shooting up to the sky where an Ark is.  Once you’ve found the light beam you can then travel to it and you will find an Ark.  Once you get there you will need to deal with any enemies in the area, but some of the most powerful weapons in the game are in these hidden Arks.

You will need to use this ability if you want to find all the weapons and abilities in Rage 2.  These Arks will not be revealed to you through the course of the main story, so make sure to go off on these side missions while playing to build out your arsenal of weapons.  We’ve also put together a few other guides to find some of the hidden Arks in Rage 2 that offer powerful weapons like the Rocket Launcher or Pulse Cannon.

All Ark Locations Rage 2


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