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Rage 2 How to Store Vehicles

Take your cars back to towns to stash them for later use.

by William Schwartz


In Rage 2 you can drive just about any vehicle, but if you want to store vehicles in the game you have to purchase a specific upgrade.  This guide will explain exactly what you need to do to store vehicles in Rage 2 so that you can drive them again later.

First, to store vehicles you’re going to need to purchase the vehicle extension upgrade.  This upgrade is in the Projects Tab under Basic Projects for Lily Prowley.  It is the icon at the bottom right of the basic projects screen.  It costs 1 Project Point to purchase.

First you need to purchase the vehicle extension project upgrade


Once you’ve purchased this upgrade you can then store cars that you find in the wasteland for future use.  There are numerous cars that you can store, below you’ll find a list of all of them.

  • Pulverizer – Shrouded Car
  • Devastator – Shrouded Tank
  • Wind Razor – Shrouded Bike
  • Rolla – Goon Squad Car
  • Booma – Goon Squad Tank
  • Nippa – Goon Squad Bike
  • Monster Truck – River Hog Truck
  • Kola Kong Conquest – Civilian Car
  • BG Burger Storm Chase – Civilian Car
  • Dumper Truck – Wheel Dozer
  • Loquacious Wanderer – Civilian Trader Van

Then you can take any car you find back to town for storage


Once you find any of these cars out in the world, you can hop in and take it to any of the trade towns in the game.  This includes Wellspring, Gunbarrel, or Lagooney.  When you return with a vehicle that you’ve found out in the world, the prompt will change when you are near the entrance to a town and it will say Stash Vehicle instead of Exit Vehicle.  You’ll also get this screen above to let you know that the car has been added to your garage.

Once you’ve added a car to your garage you can then access it at any time by using the Vehicles Option in the game’s menu.  From there you can call this car in any time that you need it.

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