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Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Release Dates

Mark your calendars crossplay is coming to Siege.

by William Schwartz


Rainbow Six Siege is getting crossplay and it’ll be here before you know it.  Alongside Crossplay there will be cross-progression as well, and how it works is going to depend on where you’re playing the game.  In this guide we’ll explain exactly when crossplay for Rainbow Six Siege will hit PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The Crossplay for Rainbow Six Siege is going to be broken into two categories: Crossplay between PC, Stadia, and Luna and then a separate crossplay for Xbox and PlayStation.

Rainbow Six Siege PC Crossplay

On June 30th, 2021 Crossplay and cross progression will be available between PC, Stadia, and Luna.  This will allow players to progress across all platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox.

Rainbow Six Siege Xbox PlayStation Crossplay

In 2022, Crossplay will become available for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles for current and last-gen machines.

While players will be limited to segments in terms of console and PC, it’s probably for the best considering that PC will likely have a bunch more cheaters than on consoles.  As we’ve seen with the Call of Duty Warzone experiment that lumps PC and console players into the same lobbies, cheating has been abundant with the majority of it coming from the PC players.

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