Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Use Dead Eye

Become a master of slow-mo glory kills.

by AOTF Staff

Dead Eye is a time slowing special ability that allows you to target enemies and shoot them while active.  The Dead Eye ability can be used by pressing in the Right Thumbstick at any time you have your weapon drawn.  When using Dead Eye you can target multiple enemies by moving the aiming reticle with the Right Thumbstick and then pressing B/Circle Button to mark the target.  Once you have your targets marked you can then press the RT/R2 button to fire at the targets in the order they were marked.

Dead Eye will deactivate when you press the Right Stick again, or it will deactivate once you have depleted your Dead Eye bar.   As you progress through the game your Dead Eye abilities will continue to grow offering you new ways to use the special power.

There are a number of different items that you can use in the game that will permanently increase your Dead Eye abilities, including giving you permanent buffs through crafting unique items at the Trapper.

Places that you’ll find improvements to Dead Eye include trinkets sold at the trapper and other items that can be purchased or crafted.