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Reasons Spider-Man PS4 Coming to PC Makes Sense

by William Schwartz


This fall Insomniac Games launched one of its best games ever with Spider-Man on the PS4.  An incredible open world coupled with the sheer exhilaration of swinging around New York while battling baddies was easily the best Spider-Man game ever made and ranked right up there with the best super hero games of all time.  Unfortunately, not everyone got a chance to play the new Spider-Man game.  Despite having a large fan base across the world and many potential players on other platforms it doesn’t seem that Spider-Man PS4 is coming to PC, but it sure would make a lot of sense if it did.

The developer of Spider-Man PS4 is Insomniac Games, a multi-platform developer whose most recent games have been seen on a variety of platforms.  One of their other “exclusives,” Sunset Overdrive just recently got announced after a long exclusive period on the Xbox One.  Another open world game like Spider-Man PS4, it took Sunset Overdrive four years to go from console exclusive to landing on the PC as well.  Could Spider-Man PS4 take the lead from this other exclusive and come to PC at a later date?  It seems like that is going to be completely up to Sony, but a new Spider-Man PC game would certainly be received with open arms.

Spider-Man PC Would Be Completely Up to Sony

Despite the industry making incredible strides towards a blurred line for exclusive games, the only company that seems to be moving in the direction of allowing exclusive games to move to PC is Microsoft and the Xbox One.  Though with the good will that Microsoft has earned with gamers over the past few years with their Play Anywhere promotion that allows you to play Xbox exclusives on PC or Xbox consoles, is it possible that Sony might not be far behind?  It’s hard to tell, but just months ago it seemed like Sony was completely uninterested with the notion of allowing its players on the PlayStation Network to commingle with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players.  Yet here we are.

The PC market has grown plenty in the last decade, despite there being less and less reasons to own these powerful rigs other than to play the latest games in their highest fidelity.  Sony could ultimately tap this market as yet another stream of revenue if they are to take Microsoft’s lead in allowing their exclusives like Spider-Man PS4 to come to PC.  The only real reason that Spider-Man PS4 doesn’t come to other platforms is because it’s likely what Sony deems a system seller and a driver of sales for the PlayStation 4.  Spider-Man PS4 on PC isn’t likely going to drive sales for Sony but it does open them up to a brand new market.

Spider-Man PS4 for PC Could Be The Best Spider-Man game ever

However, despite the current generation of consoles selling incredibly well, it’s hard to imagine a future that doesn’t include game streaming at some point.  The technology will ultimately get to a point where differences would be negligible between playing the game on hardware or playing it from the cloud.  At that point, all of their games will likely be played on a PC of some sort.  So why go the way of Microsoft and bring PlayStation 4 exclusives like Spider-Man PS4 to PC?  They could increase their sales immensely, for one.  Spider-Man looks great on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, but these consoles pale in comparison to what a high-end PC for Spider-Man PS4 could do.  They also could see themselves in a feature foot race with Microsoft in the years ahead and Microsoft’s Play Anywhere makes Sony’s old way of thinking about exclusives seem archaic.

There are no plans to bring Spider-Man PS4 to PC, or any of the other PlayStation 4 exclusives for that matter, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a chance.  What’s to stop Sony from launching a desktop client like Bethesda, Blizzard, or Ubisoft and instantly doubling their potential customers.  Bringing a game like Spider-Man to PC would certainly be a great starting point.

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