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ReCore Guide: How and Where to Find More Prismatic Cores

by Kyle Hanson


ReCore is a good game with a few problems. One of the bigger issues is that it tasks players with hunting down a large number of Prismatic Cores, a very tough to find collectible. You can progress almost to the end of the game with just the ones you find along the regular path, but right near the end players will be forced to hunt down a huge number of optional Prismatic Cores. While we’re not going to break down exact locations or dungeons, we did want to give some general tips on how and where to find more Prismatic Cores in ReCore.

Just to reiterate, this guide is a more general walkthrough on how and where to find more Prismatic Cores in ReCore. I will not be breaking down individual dungeons or locations, opting instead for guiding principles and tips for how to find them through somewhat normal play. Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for, cause here we go.

Hit Every Dungeon You Can

Throughout your time in ReCore you’ll stumble across multiple dungeons that seem optional. They aren’t. To get to the end, you will need to have completed a lot of these dungeons, hopefully earning all the Prismatic Cores inside, but at least make sure to grab the main one. You can always come back for more later if necessary, but hunting down the dungeon later on and tackling it for the first time will be a bigger headache than just doing it when you discover it the first time around.

Explore, Explore, Explore

If you’ve stuck to the main questline you may think that all, or at least almost all of the prismatic cores found in ReCore are stuck inside of tough dungeons. This is wrong. There are actually a great number of the important items hidden throughout the open world sections of the map. The key to finding them is to go off into unexplored territory.

As you walk around the world of ReCore, your map will auto-fill for any important locations, such as new dungeons. The range for this is actually pretty wide, so you should have a fairly full map by the time you need to start hunting for more Prismatic Cores. While revisiting territory is important, if you’re just looking to find a few quick ones, you might want to look at your map, find a spot with no landmarks, and head there.

Look for Clues

A bit of an extension of the explore tip, you always want to be looking for items or landmarks that clue you in to more things being nearby. What does this mean? Let’s say your wandering around Far Eden and see a massive mountain in the middle of the open world section. Nothing takes you to its top, but if you look closely you’ll see some items sprinkled around it, on small ledges. This should tell you that you can get up to the top, and that something important might be there, like a Prismatic Core.

Check the Map

Going back to the map screen for a final tip. When you just can’t figure out where to find that last Prismatic Core that you need, check out the map. By hovering over dungeons or other landmarks you can see exactly how many Prismatic Cores that location holds. It might require some tricks, or finding some hidden object, but if you’re at a loss, you will probably have better luck heading back to a previously explored place where you know there is another Prismatic Core to be found.

And that’s about it as far as tips on how and where to find more Prismatic Cores in ReCore. Hopefully these help out some, as you do need to find a lot more than you might expect when first starting the game. If you have any specific spots that you have questions about, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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