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Red Dead Online – How to Dual Wield

Two guns are better than one.

by William Schwartz


The ability to Dual Wield guns is one of the better upgrades that are tied to progression in Red Dead Online.  This allows you to pull two guns out during a fight with one for each hand.  To dual wield you actually need to purchase an “Off-Hand Holster”.  These can be purchased from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue.

How to Get Dual Wield Early

  1. Purchase from Catalogue for Gold
  2. Equip in Wardrobe
  3. Purchase Secondary Gun
  4. Equip Dual Wield

The ability to purchase these items is tied to your progression and the first opportunity for you to purchase the off-hand holster is at level 25.  However, there is an option to get the off-hand holster by using extra gold you have and the cheapest price you can get the off-hand holster for is 2 gold for the rank 25 holster.

Equip the Off-Hand Holster in your Wardrobe


Once you’ve purchased the off-hand holster you’ll need to equip it and have a secondary weapon to use.  To do this, you will need to head into your wardrobe and equip the off-hand holster.  After that you can purchase a secondary gun from the catalogue.

Select the Dual Wield Option in the Wheel Menu


After you’ve equipped the holster and have a secondary weapon you can then access the dual wield option by pressing the RB/R1 button and you will see the option to draw two guns at once.  Like the image above you will select the two arrows in the middle of the weapon wheel to draw both weapons.  Or, you can select one or the other by highlighting either the left or right gun.


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