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Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Get Gold Nuggets in Red Dead Online

Many ways to get gold but it comes in pretty slow no matter which option you choose.

by William Schwartz


In Red Dead Online Gold is going to be the premium currency that you’re going to earn in order to purchase items in-game.  There are a few uses for gold in Red Dead Online that we’ve seen so far.  It can be used to unlock items that can only be purchased with gold, it can be used to unlock items early that you would otherwise need to rank up to get, or you can use gold instead of using the other in-game currency which is just dollars.  Red Dead Online players will eventually be able to purchase Gold Bars as a microtransaction, but at the moment the only way to get gold in Red Dead Online is by earning it.  In this guide we’ll explain what types of activities you need to do and the best ways to get gold in Red Dead Online.

In Red Dead Online, Gold will be earned in the form of Gold Nuggets.  It will take 100 Gold Nuggets to equal one gold bar.

How to Get Gold Nuggets in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

Complete Stranger Missions

Stranger Missions in Red Dead Online will set you out on different tasks and when you complete them you’ll be rewarded with gold nuggets.  The amount of gold that you get from a stranger mission varies and so do the mission requirements.  These missions can include delivering packages or driving a stage coach, to tracking down bounties.  These missions will give you a small number of Gold Nuggets.

Story Missions

Doing story missions is a good way to get Gold Nuggets in Red Dead Online.  These missions on are the yellow markers on the map and they pair you up with other players if you are

Competitive Challenges

While in Free Roam you will get invitations to participate in competitive challenges.

Multiplayer Horse Race

One match earned 1/100 of a gold bar for finishing second place.  First place in another race earned me another 0.01

Multiplayer Series

Matches in the competitive multiplayer modes also earned 0.01 gold bar per match.

Treasure Maps

Treasures seem to be one of the best ways to get gold.  You’ll get different treasure maps when you rank up, but you’ll also find them on fallen enemies if you remember to loot them.  You can access treasure maps from the satchel when you have them and then use the map to find the general location of the treasure.  Head to this location and then use the Eagle Eye vision mode (press both thumbsticks in) to try and narrow down the location of the treasure.  Alongside Gold Nuggets, these treasure chests can also contain cash, ammo, clothing, or consumables.

What is Gold used For in RDR2 Online?

Once you’ve got 100 gold nuggets you will have one gold bar.  Gold bars can be used for a number of things in Red Dead Online.  Gold Bars can be used to purchase items that you don’t have enough cash for in stores and through the handheld catalogue.  It can also be used to bypass rank requirements for certain items, like the Fishing Rod which will allow you to unlock the item before you’ve actually earned it in-game.  Gold can also be used to restore your Honor by visiting Old Man Jones.

- This article was updated on:December 1st, 2018

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