Red Dead Online – How to Get the Advanced Camera

A new way to study animals.

by AOTF Staff

The Advanced Camera is a new camera option for Red Dead Online players that gives them increased mobility, a viewfinder which allows for better movement, as well as new features that aid in the studying of animals simply by taking their picture.  The Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online also has new intensity adjustable filters.

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Anyone can get the new camera in Red Dead Online.  You simply need to have enough cash to purchase it.  No gold necessary, and you don’t need to purchase The Naturalist role, simply head into the Rawson and Wheeler Catalog to get the Advanced Camera.

The catalogue can be easily accessed by pressing and holding left on the d-pad.  Once inside just head to the Workwear and Trades section to purchase the camera. It is gonna cost you around $500 though.

How to use the Advanced Camera

Once you’ve got it purchased you can use it at any time.  This can be done by equipping it using the item wheel.  Hold the left bumper button to open the item wheel tab to the item section and then the camera will be located in the three o’clock slot.  If something else is showing in this slot use the right and left triggers to tab through the items.

If the camera isn’t here, you might need to collect it from your camp.