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Red Dead Online How to Create a Posse and Start a Gang

Pick a posse type and invite some friends.

by William Schwartz


In Red Dead Online there is strength in numbers.  Any player in Red Dead Online can party up with another via the Posse system that can be accessed in the Free Roam section of the game.  You can either join a Posse or create your own Posse while playing Red Dead Online.

How to Create a Posse in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

The first step to creating a posse in Red Dead Online is to head into the Posse menu.  You can access this by pressing left on the d-pad on either the Xbox One or PS4.  This menu will show you nearby Posses that have been created by other players.  To form your own you will press the X/Square button.  Once you start forming your Posse you will see that you have some different options to choose from in terms of the settings of your Posse and type of Posse that you want to create.

The options available to you include creating a Temporary or Persistent Posse, the privacy settings for that Posse, whether Friendly Fire is on or off, and the location of your camp.  There are some differences between the Temporary Posse and the Persistent Posse.

There are multiple types of Posses in RDR2 Online

Persistent Posse

The persistent posse can have up to 7 players and it costs $200 to set up.  This type of posse is saved and anytime the Posse leader is online it will reform and all members will be working for this group.  In the Persistent Posse, player stats and awards are tracked in game and you can customize the Posse’s style.

The Persistent Posse also allows for some unique gameplay features where Posses can battle each other in Posse Versus in Free Roam.

Temporary Posse

The temporary posse can have up to 4 players and it’s free to set up.  The temporary posse will disband and be deleted after the Posse leader leaves the game.

Once you’ve got your Posse formed you will want to send out invitations for others to join your group.  You can do so in the same Posse menu from above.  You can scroll down to the invite to Posse section of the menu and then look through nearby players, friends, crew, or recent players that you want to invite to your Posse.  Just highlight the name of the player you want to invite and press the A/X button to send the invite.

Abandon your Posse

If you’re done with your Posse and would like to just play by yourself you can also do this from the Posse Menu.  Just scroll down to the Abandon Posse item in the Posse menu and you permanently disband your Posse in Red Dead Online.

- This article was updated on:December 1st, 2018

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