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Red Dead Online – How to Start Naturalist Role

Choose your path., but visit Harriet first.


The Naturalist Frontier Pursuit is the newest role that players can choose in Red Dead Online.  Like the other recent roles that were released via updates to Red Dead Online this lets you live out yet another line of work.  There are a couple of ways to start the Naturalist role.  If you haven’t started up the game yet.  Look for the Naturalist tab at the start menu.  This will put you in the best position to easily start the Naturalist.

If you miss that and start in free roam or somewhere else, you’re going to need to visit Harriet in Strawberry.  Her icon will show up as a magnifying glass on the world map.  Once you get there you will be introduced to two new characters via a cutscene.  These new characters are Gus and Harriet.  One a big game hunter, the other a conservationist.  Following this scene you need to visit Harriet to begin the role.  She can be located at another magnifying glass icon on the map.


Once you get to Harriet you need to purchase the Sample Kit.  (25 Gold).  This will give you access to the Animal Field Guide and Legendary Animal Map.  At that point you will be free to tackle tracking and finding the animals and then working for either Harriet or Gus.  Following you getting the Animal Field Guide and starting the Naturalist path you’ll be pretty much on your own to set-out and track and stamp the different animals in different habitats.

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