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Red Dead Online Where to Sell Pelts & Animal Carcasses

The Butcher is now your one stop shop for selling pelts and carcasses.

by William Schwartz


In Red Dead Online you can hunt just like you could in the single player portion of the game.  Selling pelts and animal carcasses is a little bit different.  The Butcher is now your one stop shop for selling animals.  The Butcher will purchase full animal carcasses that you can store on your horse, or he can purchase animal pelts that you take from skinning animals.

To sell pelts in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online take them to the Butcher

Selling Pelts in Red Dead Online can be done by heading to one of the Butchers in the game.  This can be done by heading to one of the locations on the map that are designated with the meat cleaver.  The Butcher is located in Blackwater, Strawberry, Rhodes, Valentine, Saint Denis, and Tumbleweed.

Selling Pelts functioned a little bit differently than selling animal carcasses.  Since you can’t remove a pelt from your horse, you’ll need to ride right up to the butcher for him to see it in your inventory.  If your horse is close while trying to sell pelts you will be able to select it and sell it to the Butcher.

Make sure your horse is close to sell pelts in RDR2 Online

As for selling Animal Carcasses, you will simply approach the Butcher while carrying an animal carcass or you can sell it while it is on the horse if it is close enough to the Butcher.

The rules from Red Dead Redemption 2 single player still apply here.  You’re going to want to get Perfect Pelts to get the most money when you sell them to the Butcher.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to rank up a little bit in Red Dead Online to access items like the Binoculars (Level 20) and the Bow (Level 10) to access these hunting tools that help get better pelts.

- This article was updated on:December 1st, 2018

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