Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Fast Travel

Every way is going to cost you.

by AOTF Staff

Fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 works in a couple of different ways.  The first is through purchasing tickets to ride in either a Stage Coach or on a train.  When away from your camp, you can only fast travel between two locations that have stage coach pick-up spots.  Same goes for trains, you can only travel by train between two spots that have train stations.

As you progress through the game more train stations will become unlocked, and the same goes for stage coach locations that you can access once discovered.   Travelling by coach or by train will cost you money every time you use it and it will cost more or less depending on the distance you are travelling.

How to Fast Travel from Camp or Home

Unfortunately there is no way to fast travel back to your camp. However, you can fast travel from your gang’s camp.  Fast traveling from camp requires that you purchase it as a camp upgrade.  Once you’ve purchased the camp upgrade the fast travel map is located on the back of Arthur Morgan’s Wagon.  Once you’ve unlocked the camp upgrade you do not have to pay to fast travel from camp.   Later in the game, you can fast travel from Beacher’s Hope.

Unlocking the Fast Travel Camp Upgrade

In your campsite there will be a ledger.  In the ledger you can purchase different upgrades to the camp which will boost certain abilities of the campsite.  To purchase upgrades the gang must have sufficient funds in the bank to make the upgrade.  To unlock the fast travel camp upgrade you have to upgrade the lodging part of the camp.  After you’ve purchased the first upgrade for Dutch’s tent, the fast travel upgrade will be available for purchase.

Unfortunately, the fast travel options are a little bit limited in Red Dead Redemption 2 but with a combination of the free fast travel from camp locations and the trains and coaches available in town, you should be able to save some time.