Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Fully Heal Horse and Replenish Stamina

Keep it fed for best performance.

by AOTF Staff

Healing your horse in Red Dead Redemption is going to be something that you’re going to need to do occasionally.  Like your character, your horse has a health and stamina to deal with.  The health is how much damage the horse can take before it dies, and the stamina is how long you can continue to ride fast or do other strenuous activity with it.

If you deplete the health and stamina of your horse it will die, become exhausted, and potentially throw you off of it.  To heal your horse there are a number of different options.  Like healing your character there are many different foods and tonics that you can feed it.

To get these items you can craft them, purchase them from the general store or purchase them from the stable.  Providing that you do have food or tonics to feed your horse you can feed it by opening the weapon wheel with the LB/L1 button.  Then tab over to the Horse Items menu by pressing RB/R1.  Once there you can then select which tonic or food you want to feed the horse.

Depending on the type of item you are trying to feed the horse it will either replenish the core health or stamina, replace the health or stamina bar, or fortify.  You can heal your horse by feeding it food or tonics while you are on foot and standing next to it, or when you riding it.

If you would like to fully replenish your horse’s stamina and health you can take it to the Stable.