Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Revive Horse

Act fast or you'll lost it forever.

by AOTF Staff

In Red Dead Redemption 2 it’s inevitable that your horse will die.  In fact, you probably will not keep your original horse until the end of the game.  There are a number of different ways that your horse can get killed and a couple of different ways to revive it.

If you horse does die, you will need to revive it using a special item.  The quickest way to revive your horse is to use the horse revive tonic.  This tonic can be purchased at numerous vendors across the map.  You can find Horse Revive tonic at the different stables in the game.  You’ll know if your horse is dead or not by simply trying to get on it.  If it’s lying on the ground and not getting up it’s likely dead.  If your horse can be revived it will have a red cross next to the horse icon.

If you don’t have any horse revive tonic, you can always exit the game and come respawn back into the world.  You may lose a little bit of progress, but the alternative is losing your horse for good.  To quickly exit the game, pause it and head to the “Story” Menu Item.  There just click exit game and then restart from the title screen.  Your horse will be alive again, but some progress will be lost.

The best way to make sure your horse doesn’t die is to make sure you are monitoring its health.  Make sure to feed the horse items that replenish its health core and bar.  That way if you run into any unexpected trouble it won’t die and leave you in a jam.