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Remnant: From the Ashes How to Beat Gorefist

Utilize the dodge to avoid this powerful enemy's attacks.

by William Schwartz


As you explore the sewers in Remnant From the Ashes you will inevitably come across the quest to kill the monster in the sewer area.  That boss is Gorefist and he’ll give you a challenge.  This hulking boss uses a lot of melee attacks and is quite powerful, with minions that spawn in that need to be dealt with.

How to Beat Gorefist in Remnant

Attacks from gore fist should be dodged by rolling out of the way.  It’s pretty easy to time the dodge as he’ll usually telegraph his attacks by either running at you or winding up with big swings.  The attacks from gore fist will take a good portion of your health so getting those dodges down is really important against this boss in Remnant.

Beat Gorefist Solo Video Walkthrough

Equally important to be mindful of are the minions that will spawn.  The big pink buzzing minions will explode when the get close to and really put you in a bad spot with Root Rot Infection.  The good news is these bright big enemies can easily be spotted, and you can hear them buzzing like a fly.  When you hear the buzzing make sure to take these guys out before they get close.

This boss’s attacks are pretty straight forward it’s his minions you’ll need to watch out for

So long as you’re taking these out and have the timing down on Gorefist’s attacks you should be able to beat him pretty easily as there aren’t any second stages of the boss to deal with.

As is the case with many bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve utilized all your available scraps and materials to upgrade your weapons.  Regardless of your class, you’ll want to head back to the Ward 13 to upgrade weapons and armor before tackling bosses.

There is a nearby checkpoint so you can use that to head back to the base.  Simply return to your previous checkpoint when you leave Ward 13 and you’ll spawn right back in front of the boss door.

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