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Remnant From the Ashes How to Beat The Ent

This towering bosses has plenty of different attacks to deal with.

by William Schwartz


The Ent is the biggest enemy you’ll face in Remnant From the Ashes up to this point.  You’ll enter the massive arena and see this enemy as a tree come to life.  Like most bosses in Remnant, this one has multiple attack patterns to learn as well as the ability to spawn different types of minions.

How to Beat The Ent in Remnant

The Ent will start out with a stomping attack.  This will send shockwaves through the ground that you must dodge by rolling through them.  As the fight wears on, minions will begin to spawn and you’ll need to deal with these enemies while avoiding The Ent’s attacks.  The pink minions you should be able to hear by their buzzing sound they make.  When you hear the buzzing sound be sure to shoot these guys quick as they’ll explode when they get close to you.

The Ent Boss Fight Video Walkthrough

The Ent will then enter another stage of the fight where it places its hands on the ground.  Once it does, you’ll notice that the back opens on the monster and it starts shooting projectiles at you.  You will need to dodge out of the way as these bombs shoot out of the back of the monster.  If you can get shots in on The Ent in the opening on its back you will score more damage during this sequence.  The timing is tight to do it though, and it isn’t necessary.

The next sequence of attacks will be a ground pound with both hands.  The enter will push out another shockwave, this time moving a little faster and more directed than before.  When you see it smash the ground you’ll need to dodge out of the way of these attacks.

Once The Ent has shown you all of his attacks, it’s really about handling the minions while dodging any attacks and healing when possible.  Ammunition may also begin to be a concern, so make sure you’re picking up ammunition from the minions that you’ve defeated.

If you’re having trouble with The Ent boss fight, make sure you head back to the Ward 13 area to stock up on items, weapons, and armor upgrades.

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