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Remnant From the Ashes How to Find the Mirror

Access this room to find a mirror to another ward.

by William Schwartz


Once you’ve finally found the Founder’s Prison, you’ll encounter a character who has been locked away for some time in the secluded jungle area.  Upon speaking with them they will give you a key that will allow you to turn on a computer in Ward 13’s basement that will activate a mirror that acts as a portal that takes you to Ward 17.

You will need a couple of things to get to this area.  First you’ll need the computer key.  Second, you’ll need the Ward 13 key card.  Lastly, you’ll need a fuse to turn on the basement power on B3.  If you head back to Ward 13 you need to head to the lowest level of the base.  Head down the stair cases to B3 and you will find that there is a key card reader that doesn’t work.  The keycard reader at the door doesn’t work because there is no power to it.  You’ll find that there is also a nearby fusebox with a missing fuse.  You’ll need to find the fuse in the Ward 13 basement area and then use the fuse in the box to get the card reader to work.

You need to find the fuse on B2 and activate the circuit to get power to the card reader before you can access this room.  Once you do, simply head into the research area and then insert the key in the slot near the computer to activate the mirror.  You’ll find the mirror room nearby the entrance.  Look for the computer terminal and then use the Founder’s Key.  You can then head into the Mirror to go to a different Ward.

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