Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Get Soul Ember Ring

Summoning is back on the menu.

by Brandon Adams
Remnant: From the Ashes - How to Get Soul Ember Ring

Remnant: From the Ashes’ latest expansion, Swamps of Corsus, introduces a variety of new items for players to obtain, including the Soul Ember ring. Grabbing this charred band doesn’t require much work, but can take a moment to grab if the procedural generation doesn’t favor you.

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That said, discovering how to obtain these new items on your own is its own little reward, so I’ll start this guide by reminding everyone here that there be spoilers below. Seriously, all my Swamps of Corsus guides are full to the brim with spoilers, but I advocate you try and find all the new stuff first on your own before coming here. Secrets are a part of Remnant: From the Ashes charm, so while these guide titles at least confirm certain items exist I ask you use them as a “last resort”. Now, moving on….

The Soul Ember can be obtained in the Circlet Hatchery dungeon.

The Circlet Hatchery is a “new” dungeon that can appear in Corsus (largely in Adventure Mode). By new I mean, “uses the original dungeon tile-set.” The dungeon will be a giant, labyrinthine circle, and there won’t be a boss battle attached. The Soul Ember ring is a hidden event within this dungeon, but it’s not to hard to trigger once you figure out the secret.

All throughout the dungeon you’ll notice blue pods dangling from the ceiling. Shooting these releases a handful of white puffs that will hunt you down unless shot first. It may seem worth your while to ignore these pods, but they are the trick to earning the Soul Ember. Destroying every last one in the Circlet Hatchery will complete the hidden quest and reward you with the ring.

This ring will reduce summon health by 60%, but on death they’ll explode for 150 plus your weapon level damage within 3 meters. If the summon normally explodes then it will deal 25% bonus damage. Yep, this is a summoners ring, and it trades uptime for a more deadly kamikaze approach. This should lead to some rather interesting summoner builds.

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