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Resident Evil 2 Remake: How to Get More Ammo

Running low on bullets? This will help.

by Kyle Hanson


As you wander the halls of RPD you will be expending ammo all along the way. Whether you are trying to conserve or not, at some point in your trip through Resident Evil 2 you’ll probably run out of ammo. What do you do? Where do you find more? Here’s some tips on how to get more ammo in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

The main way to get more ammo in RE2 is to find it laying around. RPD and the many areas beyond it that you’ll be fighting your way through will be littered with random ammo to pick up. Whether it’s 9mm pistol ammunition, shotgun shells, grenades, or sub-machine gun rounds, the best way to get more is wander through every room, checking every table and corner. One way to narrow the search is to look at your map. If the room is blue, there’s nothing left to find there. If it’s red, there could be ammo inside, but there’s at least some secret to locate. If you get close to items, they’ll be marked on your map, so check it frequently to see if you missed any spare ammo rounds.

Beyond that, your best bet is to craft your own ammo in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Combining different types of gun powder will produce different types of ammunition. Regular gunpowder mixed with more of the same will produce standard 9mm rounds for both Leon and Claire’s main weapons. Outside of that, things get a bit more interesting. Leon has his own variety of High-Grade gunpowder, which can make either shotgun shells or Magnum rounds, depending on if you mix it with standard gunpowder, or more of itself. Claire has her own version (yellow), which can create either sub-machine gun rounds or Acid rounds for her grenade launcher. Large bundles of gunpowder will produce double the normal amount of ammo, with it acting as regular gunpowder for the recipe.

Make sure you stockpile all the gunpowder you find, in whatever varieties you can locate. Once you have a nice set, and feel like you need to get more ammo, just get to mixing and craft up whatever you feel is most needed for the fight ahead.

That’s all the ways how to get more ammo in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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