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Resident Evil 2 Remake How to Unlock More Tofu Characters

More variations of the Tofu Survivor in RE2.

by William Schwartz


You’ll need to have put plenty of time in to Resident Evil 2 Remake to unlock The Tofu Survivor, but once you do you’ll have even more to unlock by completing the time trial survivor modes.  This comes in the form of new characters to play with that offer different starting equipment to make your way through the zombie obstacle course.

To unlock Anin Tofu and Flan you will need to have beaten The Tofu Survivor at least twice.  Once with the original Tofu and then with Konjac or Uiro-Mochi.  Once you do you will unlock two more Tofu characters to play with.  Anin Tofu and Flan both have unique starting weapons so you’re going to have to implement a different strategy to make it to the extraction point in race from the sewers to the extraction point at the Raccoon City Police Department.

Below you’ll find the starting equipment for the new Tofu characters.


How to Unlock New Tofu Survivor Characters

You’ll start out with Tofu.  If you beat Tofu Survivor with that character you will unlock Konjac and Uiro-Mochi.  If you beat Tofu Survivor with either of these characters you will unlock Flan and Anin Tofu.

Konjac Tofu Survivor Starting Weapons

Konjac starts with a batch of powerful weapons that must be used in the appropriate spots to make it to the extraction point.  Konjac gets the Chemical Flamethrower with plenty of gas, a grenade launcher, some grenades and a little bit of health.

  • Flamethrower (400)
  • Flamethrower Ammo (1600)
  • Grenade Launcher (1)
  • Flame Rounds (40)
  • Hand Grenade (2)
  • Green Herb (1)
  • First Aid Spray (1)

Uiro-Mochi Tofu Survivor Starting Weapons

Uiro-Mochi has a pretty basic inventory to start with.  You’re going to need to find a way to make it to the extraction point by only using grenades.  These can be thrown at enemies or used when grabbed to stop from being injured.

  • Hand Grenade (36)

Flan Tofu Survivor Starting Weapons

Flan gives you some powerful weapons to make it through the trial, but no health and limited secondaries.  The route to reach extraction is exactly the same as Hunk and the other Tofu fighters.

  • Minigun (400)
  • Anti-Tank Rocket (4)
  • Spark Shot (7)
  • Needle Cartridges (200)
  • Flashbang (2)

Anin Tofu starting Weapons

Anin Tofu give you a good bit of health to start out with, a secondary, and plenty of pistol ammo.  The route to reach extraction is exactly like Hunk and the Tofu fighters.

  • Green Herb (9)
  • Red Herb (1)
  • Blue Herb (1)
  • Knife (1)
  • Quickdraw Army (6)
  • M19 (7)
  • Large Caliber Handgun Ammo (360)

- This article was updated on:June 4th, 2019

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