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Resident Evil 2 Remake How to Unlock Tofu

by William Schwartz


Once you’ve completed the Story Mode in Resident Evil 2 Remake there’s still more to experience in the game.  There are more survivors to play with, though they are off in their own survival mode.  After you’ve completed the game with Leon and Claire, you will be able to play a new mode called The 4th Survivor.  This will task you with trying to make it from the Sewers to the Raccoon City Police Department with only the equipment that you start with using Hunk.  Beat The 4Th Survivor Mode with Hunk and you’ll unlock another new mode called The Tofu Survivor.

Once unlocked you will find these modes in the “Extra Modes” section of the game.  Once you’ve completed the game with Leon and Claire and beat The Fourth Survivor with Hunk you will unlock Tofu to play with.

Resident Evil 2 Tofu Survivor Starting Loadout

  • Knife (16)
  • Green Herb (1)
  • Red Herb (2)
  • Blue Herb (1)

Unlocking Tofu and playing Tofu survivor is a lot different than the core game.  Tofu survivor is almost exactly like the 4th Survivor mission that you play with Hunk.  However, you’ll be given a much different load out to use as Tofu and obviously your visual aesthetic is quite different.

Default Tofu starts with weapons and health, like Hunk, but you cannot use any guns.  You will only have a supply of knives and some herbs.  You will need to manage your use of these items and make your way through a gauntlet of zombies to finish.

The one advantage you will have is the experience of knowing the extraction route.  Tofu’s route to extraction will be exactly the same as Hunk’s.

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