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Resident Evil 2 Remake: How to Use Your Knife

All the ways you can stab your foes, instead of shooting.

by Kyle Hanson


Ever since its introduction into the Resident Evil universe, the Combat Knife has been an integral tool of survival in the horror of the zombie infection. Early on in Resident Evil 2 you get handed a knife, but the game isn’t great at telling you what to do with it. To help out, here’s how to use your knife in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

First off, if you were wondering right away what to do with the combat knife, you just need to head to the front left of the building. On the wall there is a taped up box full of electronic pieces. Use the knife to cut the tape and you can flip the switch and open up the other side of the building for exploration. That’s probably now what you need help with though, so here’s the real ways you can use the knife throughout RE2 Remake.

With the knife equipped as your secondary weapon (head into your inventory and select it and “equip” to set this up), all you need to do is hold LB (Xbox One) or L1 (PS4) or Space (PC) to bring up your knife. You can now walk around as needed. Get close to your foe and pull the right trigger, R2, or left mouse button to attack and swing the knife.

There’s a few key ways you can use this to your benefit. One is just as a basic attack, slashing away at zombies who are standing near you. If they’re on the ground, it’s even better, as you can slash them without much worry of getting grabbed. Slash a few times on the same limb and you can chop it off, keeping them on the ground, or hampering their ability to retaliate.

If you do get grabbed, then a prompt will come up allowing you to stab them and stop their attack. This will leave the knife in them though, so you’d better have another ready, or some spare ammo to load into them. Want your knife back? Here’s how to get it.

And that’s how to use your knife in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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