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Resident Evil 2 Remake: Where is the Samurai Edge

The classic gun returns, but it takes work...or money

by Kyle Hanson

There’s a lot of great weapons in Resident Evil 2, especially if you’re playing as Leon. Pistols are cool, shotguns are great, the Magnum are better, but the real big boy, the weapon you should all be striving for, is the Samurai Edge. This big bad pistol is a legend within the Resident Evil series, and you can get it in RE2 with infinite ammo. But how do you do it? Where is the Samurai Edge in Resident Evil 2 Remake? Here’s the answers.

For one, those who pre-ordered the deluxe editions of Resident Evil 2 Remake will get the Samurai Edge right out of the box. It won’t be all that special though, aside from the optics of using such a classic RE gun. It can’t be upgraded at all either, so the real Samurai Edge that players are wanting is the one with infinite ammo, which requires some serious gaming skills.

To get the Samurai Edge with infinite ammo, you need to earn an S Rank in your playthrough the campaign. We have a guide right here explaining how the ranking system works, and the requirement you need to hit to get that S Rank for either Leon or Claire on both Scenario A and B. Once you accomplish this very tough feat, you’ll unlock the Samurai Edge for use within your new campaigns, and with infinite ammo.

If you struggle, and really keep running out of bullets, check out this guide for some help there. But all of the above explains the answer to the question of “where is the Samurai Edge in Resident Evil 2 Remake”. Hopefully it helps you make it through the horror of Raccoon City.

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