Resident Evil 2 Waiting Room Safe Combination

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There are many safes in Resident Evil 2.  Each one of them is worth opening as equipment that will help you survive is a rare commodity in the game.  Getting the safe combinations for them can be done in different ways.  Some will be uncovered through reading notes.  Some will be found scribbled on walls.  Others can be found through developing film.  Or, you can skip all that and just use the code that we found below.

You’ll open the safe just like a real one by turning the dial to the correct numbers

For the safe under the desk in the Waiting Room area on the Second Floor (2F) or Raccoon City Police Department the safe code is below.  You will turn the dial to the left to the number six.  When you get to six you stop and the turn the dial right to the number 2.  Once you stop at two you will turn the dial left again until you reach number 11.

Left 6, Right 2, Left 11

When you hit number 11 hit confirm and you will unlock the safe.  The contents of the safe will depend on which character you are playing with and whether you are in their first or second run as the game will change depending on this.  However the codes and a lot of the puzzles remain the same, you just need to approach them a little bit differently.

In Leon’s play through you will get a Muzzle Break upgrade to the Matilda pistol.

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